Meet Our Founder

Jesse Relkin

With a passion for storytelling and a knack for wordsmithing, Jesse Relkin started her career in marketing agency-side as a copywriter and creative director. When she took on the role of integrated content manager for a major national brand in 2018, she delved into the world of SEO, launched a blog, and grew it from zero to 1.5 million visitors per year in just over two years.

During her journey she learned:

  • The value of relevant, high-quality content for every phase of the customer journey
  • The SEO best practices required to get blog articles ranking at the top of Google and snagging Featured Snippet spots
  • How to create an integrated content strategy that guides users from awareness through conversion — and for most businesses, it all starts with an effective blog

Not only that, she became a firm believer in the power of content marketing and developed a new passion — to help businesses grow their organic traffic with great content.